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Laser Hair Removal Machine - peakmonk

Laser Hair Removal Machine

$ 79.99 $ 139.99

Permanent Hair Removal is designed to make life easier. It is harmless, fast, safe, and easy to use. You can easily enjoy professional-quality hair removal in the privacy and comfort of your home. It has two flash modes, you can adjust to the model according to your hair removal demand.

Laser Hair Removal Systems can emit a strong pulse. It is absorbed by the hair follicle melanin which damaging the hair follicle and breaks the cycle of hair regrowth. It is professional, gentle, effective, great for removing extra body hair and smooth skin.

  • Safe and tailored to your skin.
  • Convenient and Comfortable.
  • An effective at-home solution.


    • Color: White
    • Pulse: 300,000 flashes
    • Voltage: 22 w, 100-240 v
    • Light: Intense Pulsed Light
    • Wavelength: 475-1200 mm
    • Product size: 135 * 55 * 40 mm